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Questions about This Site

1. Why don't you place the current Top 40 chart, as well as an archive of past charts?

I would love to do that. I've been following the charts for over 10 years now, so I have a large personal archive. The problem is that these charts are copyrighted. If I posted them without permission, I would be in violation of copyright and would be open to legal action. I believe that is what happened to the "Casey's Top 40" site at charter.simplenet.com. In June 2000, I sent an e-mail to Radio and Records asking them about placing the chart on a webpage. The Editor in Chief responded "...the charts are copyrighted and may not be reproduced on other websites." When I asked about a charts archive, the response was "We have no place to obtain old charts at this time but have plans to add them later." Also, Mediabase's charts are copyrighted as well.


2. Why don't you have any pictures of Casey Kasem on your site, or for that matter any official AT40 logos?

I do not for the same reason I do not place the charts on the site, copyrights. I believe that most pictures of Casey are copyrighted. The same is true for the logos. Thus my site may not look "official", but it is legal. :) An example of what can happen for using copyrighted images is what the parent company of Star Trek did to fan sites. If a fan had copyrighted images, sounds, etc. then they were pursued by the legal department and had to change their sites or even had their sites removed.


3. How often is this site updated?

This site is updated occasionally as any new information is received. Since the site focuses on the past now, updates will be much less frequent than before.

4. "Can you please add AT40 to my (state, country). We can't hear you anymore..."
"Can you please change such-and-such on your show..."

I have no control over who can hear AT40. If you want to hear AT40, contact your local radio station. Also, I am not affiliated with AT40 in any way. I'm just a fan like you. If you want to leave a comment for AT40, please visit the official site for more information


Questions about AT40

1. What is AT40's mailing address?

Visit the official site for more info


2. When did AT40 begin? When did Casey leave? When did the original show end? When did the new version begin?

Some important dates in AT40 history are:

  • July 4, 1970 - AT40 debuts, with Casey Kasem as host
  • August 6, 1988 - Final Classic AT40 with Casey Kasem
  • August 13, 1988 - First Classic AT40 with Shadoe Stevens
  • July, 1994 - AT40 is no longer heard in the USA (* There is some evidence that the show continued on a few stations in the USA, even though it officially had been cancelled)
  • January 28, 1995 - Final AT40 with Shadoe Airs
  • March 28, 1998 - AT40 is revived; Casey is again host.
  • January 3, 2004 - Casey hosts his last modern AT40
  • January 10, 2004 - Ryan Seacrest takes over as host of AT40


3. What charts did AT40 use during its run?

From its inception in 1970 to November 23, 1991, AT40 used Billboard's "Hot 100 Singles" chart. From November 30, 1991 to the final show of 1992, AT40 used Billboard's "Top 40 Airplay" (aka "Hot 100 Airplay") chart. From 1993 to the show's end in 1995, the "Top 40 / Mainstream" chart also from Billboard was used. The new version of AT40 used Radio and Records' CHR (pop) chart, which is an airplay chart, through October 14, 2000. From October 21, 2000 through August 11, 2001, AT40 used an unpublished airplay chart from Mediabase 24/7. From August 18, 2001 to January 3, 2004, AT40 again used the R&R chart.

4. Why did songs frequently fall off the current chart from the teens and lower 20s?

Songs are removed from the chart to "recurrent" status. AT40 did not use a chart with a recurrent rule until November 30, 1991. From then until October of 2000, most recurrent rules stated that a song was removed from the chart once it fell below #20 and had (20 or 26) weeks on the chart. Between October 2000 and August 2001, the recurrent rule was unknown. For a brief period in 2001, the rule was: "A song is removed from the chart if it is down in the number of plays it receives for 3 consecutive weeks and falls below number 25". By the end of 2001, the rule reverted back to 20 weeks on / below #20.

Your Questions

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